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Ingredients: Chilies

At the market: Chillie and LimeThe modern Thai cuisine would be nothing without Chili, and it seems odd to many people that they were introduced in the 16th Century by Portuguese traders from the New World.

ChillieIn Thailand there are known about a dozen different varieties with different hotness. Unreife Schoten sind grün, beim Reifen werden sie zunächst gelb, dann orange und schließlich rot. Immature pods are green, while ripening they become initially yellow, then orange and finally red. The smallest and hottest form is the Prick Kii Noo (literally: Mouse shit Chili). You can reach a length of about 2 cm. Other Chili are the finger-thick, 6-10 cm long Prick Chii Faa and the somewhat larger Prick Noom, a variety from the north.

Hardly anyone knows that 100 grams of a chilli pod contains 110-160mg of vitamin C, that is twice as much as a lemon. Chilies are rich in Vitamin A, Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), C, E and P as well as Flavonoids and Carotinoides. No other vegetables contains as much Carotinoides as chilli, which gives them an anti-inflammatory effect. It stimulates the circulation, promotes blood flow and digestion. By the contained capsaicin endorphins are distributed, which reduces sensitivity to pain. Their strong stimulating effect can arouse sensuality, it affects energy shortages and psychological symptoms of weakness opposite.

Chilli have a slight blood thinning effect and are applicable with varicose veins and a thrombosis. Erfolge wurden auch bei der Minderung von Arterienverkalkung und Asthma erzielt. Successes were also achieved in the reduction of arteriosclerosis and asthma.

Be careful when handling chilli peppers: not only the skin but especially the seeds contain the pungent oil capsaicin. Chili are used fresh, sliced and blended. In addition, they are used in dried form and ground as flakes or chilli powder.


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