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The Spice Compositions

In the beginning we wish to tidy up with a widespread prejudice:
The word curry is said to come from the Tamil kari, meaning sauce, and the general assumption today is that all curry cooking descends from Indian models. What many Westerners today know as curry really originated in South India, when English colonisers modified local seasoning to create curry powder. Although Thais are familiar with Indian-style phong kari (curry powder), it is used only in a few Chinese influenced dishes such as puu phàt phong kari (cracked crab stirfried with curry powder and eggs). The only use of the term kari in Thai cuisine is in kaeng kari kài, the only Thai dish that most approximates a true Indian curry. We offer this dish in our restaurant as "Chicken in Yellow Spices' Composition".

In Thai, Kaeng (rhyme it with the English 'gang') refers to any dish with a lot of liquid and can thus refer to soups like Kaeng Juet ('bland soup') as well as the classic chili-based curries like Kaeng Phèt ('hot soup' - in our restaurant offered as "Red Spices' Composition) - for which Thai cuisine is famous.

For the typical Thai cuisine special spice compositions play a major role. They form the basis for a multitude of possible combinations. Thes well balanced spice mixtures are firm but spreadable. They are made of finely pureed fresh herbs, spices and seasoning vegetables. We use onions, garlic, chilli, but also typical exotic ingredients. Our spice compositions are very aromatic, appetizing blends of up to ten different spices and harmonize with almost all dishes.

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From "mild" to "very hot" we offer something for all tastes, please choose depending on the dish an aromatic spice composition of the appropriate flavour to your choice. We offer you a wide choice of vegetables, spices, fish and meat, with excellent blendes spice compositions.

Green Spice Composition - "GAENG KIAO-WAHN"
This composition is prepared with different vegetables and coconut milk. The taste is intense, going from piquant to very-hot. For guests who prefer a milder taste we don't recommend this variation.
Red Spice Composition - "GAENG PED"
This composition is prepared with dried herbs. It comes in combination with different vegerables and coconut milk. The taste is intense, going from piquant-hot to very-hot. For guests who prefer a milder taste we don't recommend this variation.
Forest Spice Composition - "GAENG PAH"
This composition contains many kinds of fresh herbs and spices. It is typical for the hot Thai cuisine. Just in case you wish to slowly approach the truely hot Thai cooking the Forest Compisition probably goes too far for you. It is really "Hot like Hell".
Peanut Spice Composition - "GAENG PANAENG"
This slightly piquant up to slightly hot variation is made with Bergamot leaves and coconut milk. It is especially suitable for guests who want to tst for the first time our Thai Cuisine.
Yellow Spice Composition - "GAENG GARI"
Onions, tomatoes and coconu milk give a mild aroma to this combination. It is ideal for getting an impression of the milder variety of Thai cuisine.
Massaman Spice Composition - "GAENG MASSAMAN"
Here the base of preparation is given by Bergamot leaves and coconut milk. This gives an aroma reaching from piquant to slightly hot.
Basil Spice Composition - "PAT BAI-GRAPRAU"
All dishe with Basil Spice are prepared with sweet peppers, onions and fresh basil leaves - reachimg from piquant to very hot. Perfume and taste of the typical Thai basil are very different from their European counterparts.
Ginger Spice Composition - "PAT KHING"
Sliced pineapple, onions, peppers and fresh ginger give this diash its special piquant touch. Ginger is one of the most popular spice roots in Thai kitchen.
Pepper-Garlic Spice Composition - "PAT GRATIEM-PRIK-THAI"
We prepare these dishes adding leak and green beans. Reaching from mild to piquant they'll please the guest who enjoys a special intense fragrance.
Sweet and Sour Taste - "PAT PRIAU-WAHN"
They are ofte preferred by children and those persons, who don't wish to undergo experiments when choosing a dish. The sweet-and-sour dishes taste similar to other asian style cuisines and are prepared without the typical Thai spices.
Mild Taste
Sereveral mils asian spices give their taste to these dishes. They might be enjoyed by guests, who find that the typical Thai style cuisine is too hot for them.


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