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Thailand has long been known as the rice bowl of Asia, not only because of the importance of rice for the local economy, but also because of the overwhelming importance of rice for every aspect of Thai food has. Rice is the staple food of the whole Kingdom, and is therefore very important for the traditions and also for the religion of the country.

Although approximately 95% of the Thai people are Buddhists, but it was already before the introduction of Buddhism that rice was grown and eaten, and it is probably inevitable that ancient animistic beliefs is intertwined with the rice. For the Thai rice has a soul: Mae Posop, the "rice goddess" or "rice mother". She is born from the rice, she becomes pregnant, if the rice blossoms, and she gives birth to rice. If a dealer buys rice from a rice farmer, he gives back a handful of rice to the farmer so that the soul of the harvest is not lost.

Thai Reis

The rice on the table can be divided into four different categories: there is the firm Khao Nak ( "severe rice"), which requires four months to maturity, while Khao Bao ( "soft rice") ripes already within three Months, but it has a softer texture. Khao Jao or Khao Suai is the lightweight, loose granular rice, it's popular in Central and Southern Thailand. Khao Niew - sticky rice - is popular in the north-east and also in North of Thailand.

From the grainy variety is the Khao Hom Mali (literally "jasmine-scented rice") the most famous. Opinions differ as to whether the best rice in the world of Indian basmati or Thai jasmine rice, although this is out of questions for every Thai. Many rice varieties have names such as decorative Khao Dawk Makham or "tamarind flower rice", which is already grown for generations.


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